måndag 29 augusti 2011

New GS rules.

Look at this link! The FIS are doing something about the rules in GS.. that do you think about that? Good or bad??

fredag 29 juli 2011

Ski racing suites

Ski racing suits
Now we're back here at Ski Racing Suits, just when all teams goes on the first training camp, we are still curious about how all new ski racing suits will look like in the winter. We have received some reports that the snow conditions seem to be better than for many years, which is very nice to hear. But there is no new ski racing suits yet, as we have seen, but the wait is not that long. They must come soon. We read that you can pre-orderski racing suits from example Poc. This means that you are sure to get their ski racing suits before the season started. So if you want to preorder a ski racing suits check out this page. We think it's getting nice and we know there is much more popular now thanjust a few years ago to have a ski racing suits that are not a national team uniform. And there are many beautiful costumes that are not national team costumes.

måndag 4 juli 2011

Ski racing suites

We here at the ski-racing suit.com thought watching some ritigt stylish ski racing suits that are used among top athletes. It will be mixed ski racing suits from the national team and individual ski racing suits. First up is the Switzerland national team apparel. It is a mark of Descent and has some strange colors blue, white and red. But it is a classic ski racing suits, it do not stand out too much but are quite discreet. Their suits the years before have been more blue and filled with numbers that reflect Switzerland's bell tradition. And if you look back even further in the rearview mirror so you can find the classic "cheese suit" that was completely yellow with some cheese hole in it. This must be one of history's most classic ski racing suits. But to return to the present moment so you have to wonder how next year's ski racing suits will look for the Swiss team. Personally, I hope more attention to the design that they had a couple of years ago, but it's just wait and see.

fredag 1 juli 2011

Ski racing suite

Hi, I just wanted to tell about some new ski racing suits. There are a lot of ski racing suits, and I just wanted to explain some differences between the different types of marks and so on. Why do you have protection on some ski racing suits, while others do not have protection. Well as you can see, there are some things and sort out in terms of ski racing suits. What are they good? Yes, it's hard to say, there are a couple of large manufacturers who make ski racing suits for all national teams. When you compete at an international level, ski racing suits to be accepted, it is visible through a seal on the right leg.
What distinguishes the different ski racing suits themselves to, why there is a kind of slalom and giant slalom in another and so on. 
Well, in the slalom, you want more protection because it "tackles" the sticks while the speed disciplines, you want as little drag as possible, therefore, has a downhill suit no protection. Before the modern pace suits came had tight ski pants when they competed as also it had integrated protection. But it was not as efficient as today's extremely tight ski racing suits. So the faster you go the less protection,  ski racing suits.
The color and pattern does not matter when it is only the design and usually have their country's colors. 
Then there are the ski racing suits are not for national teams but perhaps children or small teams that will compete with their own designs.
The variety of the contractions there any difference between them? 
It is difficult to say whether a ski racing suits from a certain manufacturers different from anyone else when they do not tell exactly how the model is made but the seal says that ski racing suits not too dense. What differs most is how the protectors and buckles are and how little the fit is. National team get their momentum costumes sewn by their own standards, that they are really good. And rumors are that some riders only use their costumes once or twice for the new  ski racing suits would go one to five hundredths faster over a year. When you understand how important a fast ski racing suit is for an alpine skier.

måndag 6 juni 2011

Ski Racing Suits!

Hi! This is ski-racing-suits.com! If you're looking for ski racing suits (or as some might say speed suits) you're in the right place. This is the blog for ski racing suits: What to buy, where to buy and how to buy. Very simple, very straight forward. It's all about ski racing suits. Just so you know: I'm all about quality. It's better to pay a few extra coins for a high quality ski racing suit, than skiing around in poor quality. This is, and will always be, my starting point in this blog. I'm going to give you tips on what ski racing suit you should buy. I'll find you the best manufacturers, the best ski racing suits, the nicest designs and the best retailers. That's at least my goal and I'm hoping to get there. This blog will update over time to give you all the information necessary for your next ski racing suits. If you stick around you won't regret it. We'll start with the basics: What to buy? Well, I've learned to go with nothing but high quality brands when it comes to ski racing suits. I'm going to keep a close eye on the development for next season so you'll always be updated. Where to buy ski racing suits? I will make it my quest to find the best retailers out there. Since this is an international blog I think it's easier to find online shops that delivers all over the world. I'm lookig for retailers with high quality skiing gear, a good range of ski racing suits and fair conditions. I would never send out links just for fun. It's all about the quality and it's all about ski racing suits. Since we're a bit of season I hope to hand you a number of good tips before next season starts. As winter comes, you'll have some serious knowledge provided to you by ski-racing-suits.com.